Opioid Detoxification

At times, it is important to detoxify off of opioids in a safe and controlled manner.  Dr. Chakerian is able to perform certain types of detoxification in the office, such as Suboxone induction, and able to place Probuphine for maintenance therapy for addiction problems.

Suboxone is a combination product containing buprenorphine and naloxone, which has been shown to be effective in curbing craving for opioids and preventing opioid withdrawal.  Probuphine is an implanted medical device (4 small rods containing medication) placed under the skin in the upper arm, which slowly releases buprenorphine over an extended period of time, removing the need to take it on a daily basis.  It lasts for 6 months and then is removed, and replaced with new rods, if necessary.

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